Assistance Complete (including Roadside Assistance)

For boats up to 20 meters





The technician comes on site without charging a call-out fee.

Roadside assistance

The mechanic comes for one hour to help fix a technical malfunction so you can get back to sailing.

Starting aid for battery problems

Is the battery dead due to a technical defect? Then we will restart the engine so you can continue sailing.


The relief boat will arrive on site at no cost.

Towing Aid

Has the boat failed on open water? Then we will tow you to a safe harbor.

Telephone assistance for technical questions

Sometimes our experienced mechanics can help you on your way with tips. That way you'll be back on the road as soon as possible.

Telephone nautical advice

Are you going to explore a new cruising area but don't know if your boat is suitable for it? We recommend.

Smooth pulling after jamming

Stuck in shallow water with the boat? We'll send a boat to pull you loose.

Supply spare parts

Need a part to make your boat on the water? Then we'll bring it.

Fuel Delivery

Just not enough fuel to make it to port? Then we'll bring some so you can still move on.

Towing from port to port

Can't get the boat repaired where you are? Then we will tow you to another place.

Removal of objects from screw

Is there something in the propeller? Our divers take it out.

Assistance Complete (including Roadside Assistance)

Help from the shore

Help on small waters

Help on the big waters

With annual payments, you will receive a one-time 10% discount!

Assistance Complete (including Roadside Assistance)

With the most complete Vaarzeker package, you and your family are assured of all the assistance you need. This package offers assistance not only on inland waterways, but also on the large lakes and the Wadden Sea. So you are in all of the Netherlands assured of help, except in the North Sea. The Assistance Complete package is suitable for boats up to 20 meters long and is available from only €21.00 per month. (Choose to pay per year and receive a one-time 10% discount)

When Vaarzeker?

You can count on Vaarzeker when you encounter problems on the water and need to be towed. We will even pull your boat loose in case of minor ground disturbance(running aground). In addition, we deliver spare parts on the water(if in stock) in the corresponding coverage area. On top of that, we can bring fuel to reach the nearest safe harbor.

Problems with screw

When you have problems with the screw, for example, a rope in the screw, then Vaarzeker will send a diver along to remove weed, nets and ropes. You can even be towed from one port to another (up to 10 kilometers) if technical problems cannot be repaired on site.

Including technical assistance!

For technical assistance, Vaarzeker is the right place. With Assistance Complete you get automatic and free roadside assistance in the package. What's more, you even get roadside assistance in your home port. Vaarzeker is the roadside assistance of the water!

Information on fairway and weather conditions

In addition to roadside assistance and technical problems, we are also happy to help you with advice. You can call our emergency center to ask technical questions. For example, do you want to cross the IJsselmeer or enjoy your boat in the Biesbosch? We understand that this is exciting and not without risk. Therefore, we also give area specific information of the fairway and get advice on weather forecasts and your trip, you can always call us.


All subscriptions run for a period of 1 year and can be cancelled monthly thereafter. After signing up you will receive a unique membership card from us and the subscription will become active after 7 days.

- Breakdown assistance/Boat Watch is offered during the boating season 7 days a week between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.
- Adjusted opening hours apply outside the boating season
- Any parts required for the repair will be charged extra

Frequently Asked Questions

What is roadside assistance?

Breakdown assistance is technical assistance for a breakdown while you can be reached by a mechanic from shore. The breakdown must then be able to be fixed within an hour to ensure that you can continue sailing. The repair is of a makeshift nature. Do you get into trouble on the water? Then you need an assistance package.

Where do I get roadside assistance with the roadside assistance package?

Throughout the Netherlands, except for the Wadden Islands and your home port. Do you also want roadside assistance in your home port? Then take an assistance package that automatically includes roadside assistance!

Are there additional costs if I am unlucky?

If you are a member, there is no cost to you except used parts.

What package should I have to get help on the water?

For assistance while not accessible from shore, you need the basic or complete package. With the complete package, you will go out the safest!

What do you mean by towing assistance?

Towing assistance refers to bringing a vessel to shore that can no longer do so itself due to technical problems.

What do you mean by smoothing?

Refloating refers to pulling a vessel loose when she has run aground and there is light ground disturbance.

Is assistance always free within assistance packages?

No. Our services are for non-emergency assistance. Is there an emergency? Then other conditions apply. Please read our comprehensive terms and conditions carefully for these details.

I have a 5-meter boat, why am I paying for more meters?

For very small boats, assistance is just as expensive for us as it is for slightly larger boats. That is why we have a threshold amount for smaller boats.

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