Breakdown assistance




The technician comes on site without charging a call-out fee.

Roadside assistance

The mechanic comes for one hour to help fix a technical malfunction so you can get back to sailing.

Starting aid for battery problems

Is the battery dead due to a technical defect? Then we will restart the engine so you can continue sailing.


Towing Aid

Telephone assistance for technical questions

Telephone nautical advice

Smooth pulling after jamming

Supply spare parts

Fuel Delivery

Towing from port to port

Removal of objects from screw

Breakdown assistance

Help from the shore

Help on small waters

Help on the big waters

Breakdown assistance

This is the Vaarzeker entry-level package. The Breakdown Assistance package is designed for people who have a breakdown with their boat and therefore cannot continue sailing. Our mechanics will do their best to help you on your way again the same day. Condition is that you ashore and be accessible to the mechanic from shore.

- Roadside assistance is available in all Dutch ports except the Wadden Islands and in your home port.
- Assistance is provided 7 days a week during the boating season between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.
- With roadside assistance, this is free of additional charges provided it can be resolved within one hour
- Any charges for exceeding one hour can be settled directly with the mechanic
- Parts required for repair will be charged

If you are one of our assistance packages If you subscribe to this program, you will automatically receive Roadside Assistance free of charge, and you will also receive assistance in your home port.

The roadside assistance package costs only €79 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is roadside assistance?

Breakdown assistance is technical assistance for a breakdown while you can be reached by a mechanic from shore. The breakdown must then be able to be fixed within an hour to ensure that you can continue sailing. The repair is of a makeshift nature. Do you get into trouble on the water? Then you need an assistance package.

Where do I get roadside assistance with the roadside assistance package?

Throughout the Netherlands, except for the Wadden Islands and your home port. Do you also want roadside assistance in your home port? Then take an assistance package which automatically includes breakdown assistance in your home port!

Are there additional costs if I am unlucky?

If you have the breakdown assistance module there are no costs for you, except for used materials. If you do not have that module on, you can call us for a quote.

What package should I have to get help on the water?

For assistance while not accessible from shore, you need the standard or comprehensive package.

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