About Vaarzeker

Sailing is your passion and, of course, you would like to keep doing this without any problems. When your boat glides through the water, the engine hums softly or the wind flutters the sails, this is ultimate happiness and complete relaxation. The sun is shining and there is nothing that can disturb this carefree day. Until suddenly the engine stalls. Despite your frantic efforts, you are unable to get it started. Don't you want this beautiful day to fall into the water? Then sign up as a member!

About us

Vaarzeker was founded in 2020 with the goal of "saving" your boating trip. We do this 7 days a week from shore or on open water, throughout the Netherlands. We do this exclusively for members, with the package that suits you and without charging extra for this. Every day we saw many problems that prevented people from sailing further, despite proper preparation and annual engine maintenance. As a result, many boaters saw their boating vacations and cruises literally and figuratively fall through. From the shore we saw long waiting times, sometimes up to three weeks! Help from open water was often impossible. Since the establishment of Vaarzeker, this is a thing of the past! Vaarzeker has its own emergency center, its own mobile emergency services, a ''watertight'' experienced team of emergency workers and a large stock of spare parts.

In order to receive all this help for free, it is important to be a member. How nice it is that you can sail your prized possession carefree and be assured of assistance with problems for a fixed price at no extra cost. Sail for sure, and sign up soon!

Carefree boating and own alarm center for members

It is our experience that every water sportsman gets into trouble with his boat at some point, this will unfortunately happen sooner or later. In most cases you will not be able to continue sailing. Every day we receive many different kinds of requests for help. Usually engine or steering problems, adrift, an object in the propeller (rope, sail, garbage, water plants) or stuck on a shallow water. When members call our emergency center, they always get to speak directly to an emergency worker. You won't get a menu or be on hold indefinitely. We send you the right help immediately so that you can continue sailing as soon as possible. If you are not a member of Vaarzeker, this usually means the end of your cruise or boating vacation, and nobody wants that!

Unique in the Netherlands and free help

The subscriptions offered by Vaarzeker are unique in the Netherlands. We offer a combination of services that are both from shore as well as on open water offered by us. No other party in the Netherlands offers this. We have even developed a unique package together with the Watersportverbond.

Did you know that most failures occur while sailing on open water?

With all other roadside assistance providers, the boat is required to be at the dock/shore to get help. This often results in having to arrange an expensive towboat and a long wait for help. The showpiece of Vaarzeker is the package: 'Assistance Complete including Roadside Assistance'. With this complete package you sail carefree on the water for a fixed amount per month. Safe sailing with your family, no financial worries or nasty surprises afterwards!


Vaarzeker's rescue boats are deployed on many different waters, including waters belonging to Natura 2000 areas. Our rescue boats are specially equipped with low emission engines. This means that the boat engines meet the highest European environmental protection requirements (013/53/EU). With this we ensure the lowest possible emission and impact on flora and fauna during assistance deployment.

Clear coverage area with experienced responders

Vaarzeker has a nationwide network with many different own auxiliary boats, support and service points. We primarily use our own reliable mechanics and professional equipment. The coverage area is clear and concise and depends on the chosen package. For example, we even offer assistance on the IJsselmeer and border lakes.

Experienced counselors who won't let you float around. For a fixed price, with no further financial surprises. That's Vaarzeker.

Therefore Vaarzeker

Assistance included

No nasty surprises like high prices for towing assistance. With Vaarzeker, you pay a fixed amount per month for all assistance!

Fuel Delivery

You are almost in port after a long journey and suddenly the engine stops. Not enough diesel after all. Not to worry! Vaarzeker brings you some diesel and you still sail in by yourself.

Nautical advice

Preparing to cross the IJsselmeer but not so familiar? Our experienced staff will assist you with nautical advice.

Roadside assistance

On vacation with the boat and suddenly you have engine trouble. Vaarzeker will send a mechanic to solve the problem for you. So you can continue sailing.

Telephone assistance

You hear a strange noise at the engine while cruising. Our people have a lot of technical knowledge and are happy to assist you by phone.

Everything under one roof

Vaarzeker is the only party in the Netherlands where you can find everything together. Roadside assistance, assistance on the water and even a free propeller!

Our coverage area

Vaarzeker offers its services throughout the Netherlands. Where you can use our services depends on the package you choose.

For non-members

Not a member of Vaarzeker and still want to use our services?