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Coverage areas

Breakdown on the water? Vaarzeker offers its services throughout the Netherlands. Where you can use our services depends on the package you have chosen.

Coverage area roadside assistance

Breakdown assistance is offered throughout the country. As long as a mechanic can get to you from shore, you can use roadside assistance. Only the Wadden Islands are excluded.

Breakdown assistance

Coverage area basic

Within the basic coverage area, we offer assistance on all small inland waterways. This applies to all small canals, lakes and ponds, such as the Alkmaardermeer, Kaag and Braassem, the Frisian lakes, the border lakes, and so on.

Assistance basic

Coverage area complete

The coverage area complete is the most comprehensive coverage area and includes all Dutch waters, including  boat help on the IJsselmeer, the Wadden Sea as well as the major rivers.

Assistance complete

Exclusions assistance on the water

We offer assistance throughout the country except the North Sea. In addition, we do not offer emergency to. If we believe you are in danger, our alarm center will notify the authorities for your safety if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I be helped with the basic package?

With the basic package, you will be helped in coverage area basic. This includes inland waters, meaning canals, ponds, and small lakes where you are generally never more than 500 meters from shore.
By small lakes and ponds we mean, for example:

- Alkmaarder Lake
- Lauwersmeer
- The Frisian lakes
- Loosdrecht lakes
- Vinkeveen Lakes
- Braassemermeer
- Westeinderplassen
- The Randmeren

Where will I be helped with the comprehensive package?

The comprehensive package offers help in coverage area complete. This includes all major inland waters, such as the IJsselmeer, Markermeer, the major Zeeland and South Holland streams and waters and also the Wadden Sea. In short, everything where you can be more than 500 meters from shore.
By large lakes and ponds we mean, for example:

- Marker Lake
- Wadden Sea
- Herringvliet
- Hollands Diep
- Grevelingenmeer
- The Biesbosch

What are the fine print?

The full terms can be found here.

Do I also get roadside assistance in my home port?

Only if you have an assistance package, this automatically includes roadside assistance, which also provides roadside assistance in your home port.

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