Frequently Asked Questions

What is roadside assistance?

Breakdown assistance is technical assistance for a malfunction while you can be reached by a mechanic from shore. The malfunction must then be able to be fixed within an hour to ensure that you can continue sailing. The repair can sometimes be of a makeshift nature. Do you get into trouble on the water? Then you need an assistance package.

Where can I find the terms and conditions?

Our full terms and conditions can be found here.

Where do I get roadside assistance with the roadside assistance package?

Our roadside assistance and boat watch is available throughout the Netherlands, except for the Wadden Islands and your home port. Do you also want roadside assistance in your home port? Then take an assistance package that automatically includes roadside assistance.

Are there additional costs if I am unlucky?

No cost to you except the used parts!

What package should I have to get help on the water?

For assistance while not accessible from shore, you have the basic or complete package required.

What do you mean by towing assistance?

Towing assistance refers to bringing a vessel to shore that can no longer do so itself due to technical problems.

What do you mean by smoothing?

Refloating refers to pulling a vessel loose when she has run aground and there is light ground disturbance.

Is assistance always free within assistance packages?

No. Our services are for non-emergency assistance. Is there an emergency? Then other conditions apply. Please read our comprehensive terms and conditions carefully for these details.

I have a 5-meter boat, why am I paying for more meters?

For very small boats, assistance is just as expensive for us as it is for slightly larger boats. Therefore, we apply a threshold amount for smaller boats in the assistance package complete.

Is your question not yet answered?

Therefore Vaarzeker

Assistance included

No nasty surprises like high prices for towing assistance. With Vaarzeker, you pay a fixed amount per month for all assistance!

Fuel Delivery

You are almost in port after a long journey and suddenly the engine stops. Not enough diesel after all. Not to worry! Vaarzeker brings you some diesel and you still sail in by yourself.

Nautical advice

Preparing to cross the IJsselmeer but not so familiar? Our experienced staff will assist you with nautical advice.

Roadside assistance

On vacation with the boat and suddenly you have engine trouble. Vaarzeker will send a mechanic to solve the problem for you. So you can continue sailing.

Telephone assistance

You hear a strange noise at the engine while cruising. Our people have a lot of technical knowledge and are happy to assist you by phone.

Everything under one roof

Vaarzeker is the only party in the Netherlands where you can find everything together. Roadside assistance, assistance on the water and even a free propeller!

Our coverage area

Vaarzeker offers its services throughout the Netherlands. Where you can use our services depends on the package you choose.

For non-members

Not a member of Vaarzeker and still want to use our services?