Boat Watch

Boat Watch is another boat breakdown assistance provider that many boaters are familiar with. It offers help only when you can be reached from shore for a mechanic. The Boat Watch's terms and conditions for this are broadly similar to Vaarzeker's terms and conditions for the cheapest package.

The differences

The Boat Watch has been around longer than Vaarzeker, and is therefore familiar to more people. But what exactly are the differences?

Reviews Boat Watch and Boating Safety

To see what customers say of both providers, here we look at reviews within Google Maps. The Boatwatch scores 4.1 out of 5 stars here, with 53 reviews. Vaarzeker scores 4.8 out of 5 stars, with 58 reviews, higher.


The Boatwatch maintains a price of 89 euros per year for its roadside assistance services. Vaarzeker offers its roadside assistance package cheaper, namely 79 euros per year.


Vaarzeker's roadside assistance package is largely similar to Boatwatch's services. But what if you cannot be reached from the shore? The terms and conditions of the Boat Watch say the following about this:
Article 10) Where is the right to assistance?
(...) The vessel must be accessible to the Boatswain whose assistance is requested. Here it should be assumed that given the speed at which support points have to cover distances they will travel by car. If you are in the middle of the water we will always initially request a tow to shore from a fellow water sportsman. If this proves impossible after several attempts we will help you. to phone numbers from towing companies, water police or KNRM. Towing costs are never covered by Boat Watch. (...)

Vaarzeker, on the other hand, offers more comprehensive packages to. This will always help you, even if you encounter problems on the water. Because let's face it, engine failure doesn't happen when you're safely in your box!

Own mechanics

The Boat Watch operates according to its website only with support points. Her homepage states: "Boat Watch has a nationwide network of support points that are available to you from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. throughout the boating season. Breakdown assistance 7 days a week!*".

Support points are local water sports businesses called by Boat Watch to provide assistance, for a fee.

Vaarzeker works by a different method. Initially, we deploy our own mechanics and equipment. Vaarzeker has its own boats, service vehicles and mechanics on staff. This ensures that clients receive better assistance because the mechanics work directly for the client.

To cope with peak rush hour traffic, and also to provide quick assistance in all corners of the country, Vaarzeker uses a small network of proven support points. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we prefer to provide assistance ourselves.