Boat breakdown on the water

Boat breakdown On open water? That can be very annoying! Car trouble is inconvenient, but you can pull your car over to the side and get out. With a boat, this is often less convenient. You will have to get to shore, and the problems will also have to be solved. Fortunately, Vaarzeker can assist you.

Boat breakdown on open water

Engine trouble with the boat is annoying enough, but you will also have to get to shore. Sometimes a passing water sportsman can offer a tow, but we also encounter very often that just at that moment no one passes by. Or you are sailing with a heavy motor cruiser that other water sporters don't dare to handle. Just for that case we have created packages where you can assistance can get on a subscription basis. We have national coverage, so both on inland waters like the Sneekermeer, and big water like the Wadden Sea.


Breakdown assistance on the side

If we have brought you to shore or if you have still been brought to shore yourself, the engine will still need to be repaired. The water sports industry is a seasonal industry. That means that all water sports businesses are busy during the summer and waiting times can sometimes be up to several weeks! Be ahead of that and close a roadside assistance subscription af at Vaarzeker. Our mechanics are ready for emergencies and in most cases can have you back on the road the same day.

Be prepared and become a member now

To stay ahead of these problems, you can now become a member of Vaarzeker. As the only party in the Netherlands, we can offer assistance on all waters, and also repair your engine. One address for all the services you may need.

Boat breakdown? Contact us now!

Do you have unexpected boat trouble on the water? Vaarzeker can help you on open water and on shore. Contact us immediately by calling: 085 3038253 or mail to: We are at your service!